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Love Gaming? Your Back may Hate you!

Many people do not realize that there is a connection between playing video games and having bad health. The average gamer foolishly believes that they can sit in front of a television or computer screen all day playing their favorite title and that nothing is going to happen to them. True enough, they might be able to get away with this behavior for a while but in less than a six month time period they will start to experience some problems with their body, according to


Some of the most common problems that hard core gamers experience with their health includes poor circulation, obesity and back problems. Many of these health problems develop because video games are generally a sedentary activity that does not require a person to get up and to be active. Also, the type of chairs and furniture that players use while they are engaging with a game is not designed for long term video game play.


Some manufacturers have figured out that gaming chairs are best suited for players. Most gaming chairs have an ergonomic design that conforms to a person’s back. They help to improve circulation and to provide lumbar support to gamers who sit still for many hours on end.


Some gaming chairs have swivel bases. A few of them come with arm rest and can be adjusted for height. Rocker gaming chairs is another alternative for players. Players are encouraged to purchase gaming chairs that will allow them to move in place. Swivel base gaming chairs are a good buy because they allow a player to move around and get exercise. Rockers give the same benefit. Having an ergonomic gaming chair also helps a person’s back to remain free from problems.


Keep in mind that dedicated video game players have health problems similar to truck drivers and office working professionals. Both of these categories of workers often experience back problems because they are seated for long periods throughout the day. While the work might be easier on the body their backs tend to suffer due to the lack of mobility. A part of this problem has to do with the kind of furniture and seating that they are using while they work.


Video game players should get the best type of gaming chair that is durable but soft on their back. It should be firm enough for support and comfortable enough to keep them focused on their game. Once again, mobility is crucial to a video game player’s health. They should have a chair that allows them to move around as much as possible.


A lumbar pad should be included in a video gaming chair. This feature is good for back support. A head rest should also be considered. A chair can be made out of any type of material as long as it is durable enough to hold up against spills, tears and fraying. The unit should also be easy to clean and to air out. Let’s be honest, when a person binges on video games they tend to smell bad after the first day if they are not washing up.


Ultimately, a video game player should get a good gaming chair. This is especially true for gamers who know they are going to sit for a long time playing games. It will help to improve their overall health and to avoid back problem in the future.

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