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Kids and Music

Why Kids Should Listen to Good Quality Music

As adults, we should encourage and help children to find and listen to good quality music. The type of music children listen to can make a huge difference in their development. Listening to music of good quality helps to enhance kids’ creativity, listening skills, and more. Kids are learning through everything they encounter. The media is a huge part of kids growing up. If the music your child listens to is consumed by negativity and the same old stuff; drinking, making love, etc. As a parent, it is obviously your decision if you choose to shelter your kids from certain stuff or not. But, helping them listen to music of good quality will help to not fill their mind with the same stuff most other kids are listening to. Free their mind of being consumed by societies way of thinking. Help your children to think above and beyond. Give them new thoughts to ponder and explore. Music can create an insightful individual that is curious to learn and explore the world. Or if you don’t listen to good quality of music, it can create an individual that wants to be just like everyone else.

When you read a child a book, they learn about new words, new experiences, new cultures, etc. Similarly, music has the same effect on children. Listening to good quality of music can help children to explore new words that they have never heard before. If they really like a song and hear new words, they may want to continue to learn and figure out what they mean. A lot of the songs that are played on the most common radio stations have cuss words and inappropriate language. This may not be a horrible thing, but it also isn’t teaching creativity and encouraging the growth of knowledge. Good quality music teaches children about new experiences and new cultures. It would be great to have children listen to good quality music from all of the world. Exposing kids to all of the differences in the world will give them an early understanding of diversity. In this world, there are many different people. The worst thing to do is keep a child sheltered, to give them the false belief that only one way of life is the right way. There are many great ways to live life. People should not be judged for being different than we are. Music is a wonderful way to teach children this lesson. Teach them about other cultures and unique people through music. While they listen to songs from around the world, they can also look at pictures, and learn more about the place.

On the topic of lessons, music proves to be very helpful in terms of teaching life lessons. Good quality music always has a purpose, a reason it was written. If kids listen to the lyrics and explore the words in good quality music, they will learn all about the world, and all sorts of life lessons. This music will give them insight and wisdom to do well. Also, good quality music will help kids find phrases and sayings that relate to their own feelings. Sometimes it’s hard to express ourselves through conversation and even writing, but if you hear the right lyrics or the right melody, sometimes it explains everything you’ve been feeling. Good quality music is definitely important in the development of children. It can help them tremendously.